Saturday, November 3, 2012

working through grief

It's been a really long week, and I'm looking forward to starting a fresh one tomorrow. My Grandad passed away Monday night. His visitation was Thursday evening, and the funeral was Friday morning. I'm so thankful we have a close, loving family that is there to support each other in troubling times. 
Maybe it's just me, but music and scrapbooking are comforting to me in times of sadness. I like to hole up in the evenings after the kids are in bed, turn on some of my favorite music, and work with family photos. Sometimes I create digital pages, sometimes I work on traditional scrapbook pages. 
I've been working on a digital scrapbook using some of my Grandad's pictures. My mother made a huge (70 pages!) digital scrapbook, that we burned onto a disc. It was really nice to have it playing at the visitation, and talk about happy times with our friends and family. Here's the scrapbook I made for myself: 

Of course the first few times I watched my scrapbook, I bawled like a baby. But like I said, this helps me work through my grief. As I watch it now, I think about the happy stories and memories my family made through the years, and I'm looking forward to many more to come. The book isn't quite finished yet, but it's at the point I want it to be... for now.
Thanks for stopping by, and a big thanks to those who've kept my family in thoughts and prayers. 
PS- don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!   :}

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  1. Beautiful scrapbook, Jenn! So sorry for your loss!

  2. So very sorry for your loss Jen. :( Beautiful scrapbook though.

  3. So very sorry for your loss Jen. :( Beautiful scrapbook though.


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