Thursday, September 19, 2013

back in the saddle, again...

Whew! I think there were just as many cobwebs in my blog as there are in our new house! As I logged in tonight, I seriously thought, "do I even remember how to post?" 
It's been an amazing summer! Unbelievably hectic, but nonetheless great. Two biggies: I started a new job at my church working with young children and their families - LOVE it!!  Aaaaand... we finally closed on our new house - YAY! The house needs work, but I have waaaay to many ideas. I think we will just continue unpacking, and just "BE" in the space for a while so I can narrow down my ideas and thoughts to fewer choices. Of course the unpacking would be so much easier if my little darlings would stop making messes in rooms I just straightened!! 
Ok, so I have two MDS projects to share with you today. The first is an "art" piece I made using a sentence from one of my pastor's sermons. I like to create digital "art" pieces (some I print, some I just view on the computer, some I share) with inspirational quotes... thoughts... ideas. It keeps me motivated. This one helps me so much, especially when my days start to feel "cluttered" with lots of little tasks. 
I originally created this for the blog I write as part of my new job, but I thought it might help you as much as it helps me, so enjoy!   :}

My second project is simply because today is "Talk Like a Pirate Day." That's right! And my little Aaron absolutely LOVES everything pirate, so it feels like a holiday created just for him.  He even hid his pirate hat in his backpack to take to school! 
Isn't he a cutie? It was really hot when the kids got off the bus this afternoon, so of course Aaron had to take his blow-up pirate ship for a cruise in the pool! Good times  :} 

Just as soon as I unpack the rest of my stampin' goodies and clear off a desk to stamp on, I'll be back with more fun stuff to share. I wanted to unpack and set up my craft room first, but hubby had this crazy idea we should set up the kitchen and bedrooms instead. That's so unfair, right??!!

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