Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a little Christmas miracle

Congratulations to one of my "girls" - Cassie - on the birth of her son Aaron. I guess he just couldn't wait to celebrate his first Christmas  ;)  Every time I see a new baby, I am reminded of what a gift life is, and what a miracle children are.
Aaron arrived early, so he's pretty little. He had some troubles at the beginning, but gets stronger every day. The proud Mom and Dad are happy to report that the tests keep coming back with positive results. Isn't he a cute little peanut???

I thought I would share with you part of the card front I am sending to Cassie. I designed the main part of the card front using My Digital Studio. In the end, I will end up with a hybrid card  :)
This is basically the digital version of "punch art." I added some digital stamps to make the wreath above the fireplace, and I added a photobox to create a "framed" picture of Aaron on the mantle. I just love all of the amazing things you can do with My Digital Studio!

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