Saturday, September 1, 2012

back to school... back to spool!

Every late-Summer, I think about that office supply store's commercial from a few years ago... the one with the Mom gliding down the store's aisle with a huge grin - while the music "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" plays in the background - and the kids come trudging along behind her.  :}
My boys were not exactly thrilled to start school, but thankfully they are enjoying it now. Aaron is especially excited about it! He loves riding the big bus, and he's happy to be at the same school as Ben. For the past week, Aaron has told me every day, "Mom, I love my new school!" Music to my ears! I adore his teacher, and I think Aaron will always have fond memories of Kindergarten. Ben is still trying to transition to the new school routines and learn his way around, while making new friends. Things seem to be improving, and he is a little happier each day. Plus, he is ecstatic to start Cub Scouts in a few weeks. And apparently, he has a "girlfriend???" since one of the girls told him that she "loves him."  What???? Third grade??!! Lord, help me... 

Here are a few pages I created using My Digital Studio. I had all these fabulous pages planned in my head, and of course the boys wanted nothing to do with photographs on the first day of school. Oh well... 
I created these pages in minutes by starting with a designer template and adding my own touches. I think that the Downtown Grunge and Back to School kits are going to get tons of playtime - they are two of my favorites! Plus, I am working with MDS2, which makes creating soooooo much easier. The more I play with it, the more I understand why Holly Linford had such a hard time deciding which one of the new features was her favorite!

And now that the kids are back to school, it's playtime for Mommy!! You can add some extra fun to your playtime with Stampin' Up!'s promotion for September  :}

Need a good laugh? Check out this video that Stampin' Up! had waaaaay too much fun creating: 

Well, I'm off to pick Ben up from a birthday party. Happy stamping... and shopping  ;)

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