Monday, February 6, 2012

a rough weekend

  Apologies for the blog silence this weekend... it's been a rough one! On Friday, the sinus "stuff" I'd been trying desperately to convince myself I wouldn't get, hit me full force... Not surprising since Aaron has been battling the same thing (teetering on the edge of the asthma issues), and Ben spent Friday afternoon/ evening and all day Saturday with a low-grade fever and no appetite. My husband let me sleep in Saturday morning (smart man) - I slept until 9am! When I did get up, it was to my Mom's frantic phone call that my Dad was in the hospital. She found him lying on the kitchen floor in a 'seizure-like' state. His blood sugar had dropped down to 50. The paramedics got it up, but it took longer than it should, and then dropped again in the ER. So, they ran a bunch of tests, checked his blood sugar all day, and kept him overnight. He feels like a pincushion, in addition to being sore from falling on the floor.
  I'm sure there are many of you who live far enough away from your parents to know that hopeless feeling when you really wish you could be there, but can't. It's so frustrating! Luckily, my brother lives close enough that he could help my Mom. However (yup, there's more)... my brother is dealing with his own personal crisis. He just found out less than a week ago that his mother-in-law (Cheryl) had pancreatic cancer. She passed away yesterday afternoon. My heart just aches for my sister-in-law. I can't even image what she is feeling right now. She was very close to her mother, who was one of the sweetest, most generous people.
  Soooo... Thanks for letting me talk - I needed that. I will try to post something a little more cheerful later in the day. If you could keep my family in your prayers, I would really appreciate it.

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