Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soot Stamping

Good morning! I have another card to share with you from my technique class on using Glossy card stock. I have to say, it was an interesting class to prepare for... in addition to the stamping supplies, I also had to get cling wrap, wax paper, a craft iron, a candle and match, baby wipes, a spray sealant, and a fire extinguisher (just in case). I can only image how crazy my class participants thought I was when they came in!  ;)  But we had a great time, and that's what it's all about.

 This card uses the technique called "soot stamping." To begin, you light a small pillar candle. I tried to do the technique using a tea-light candle, and it just didn't produce a big enough flame. Holding the Glossy card stock with tweezers or a clothes pin, pass the glossy side over the candle flame, allowing the glossy surface to brush across the flame. You want the Glossy card stock to actually touch the flame so it will produce a black soot mark, but obviously you don't want to keep the card stock in any one place for too long. Again, having a fire extinguisher close by is a smart idea (just in case). When the glossy surface is all "sooted," place your Glossy card stock in your work space - soot side up - being careful not to touch it so you won't leave finger prints.
Choose a stamp with a more solid image. Without adding any ink, "stamp" your image into the soot. The rubber will remove soot, creating a very unique image. The next step is to spray your "stamped" Glossy card stock piece with a clear, permanent acrylic coating. I used a matte finish acrylic spray (from my local home improvement store) that is safe for artwork, wood, metal, paper, silk flowers, etc. Be sure to use the spray outside; I placed my card stock in a cardboard box to collect the overspray. I sprayed a thin coat, waited a few minutes, and then sprayed a second thin coat. Then I let it dry for almost 2 hours before completing the card.
For this card, I used the My Friend stamp set. I carefully tore the edge along the flower image, and sponged with Soft Suede ink. The small strip of Baja Breeze card stock is also sponged in Soft Suede. The layer of Soft Suede card stock is distressed along the right edge to add more subtle detail.
I really like the unique look of this card. Have fun experimenting with Soot Stamping... why not try it on a few Halloween projects?  :)

*Note: while this technique is a great look for cards, I wouldn't recommend it for your treasured scrapbook pages.

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