Wednesday, October 24, 2012

speedy notecards

Ugh. That's my word for today :( 
I've given birth to two children. The first with an attempted epidural that turned into a sort of spinal tap, and the second was an ohmygoodness, don'tpush, Ineedadoctor, notimefordrugs, herehecomes experience. I'm quite sure I would rather go through both of those experiences again over having dental work. Yesterday at my dentist's office (thank goodness they're so nice) I had to have some things fixed. I had one teeny tiny cavity, and then I needed a repair to the filling that was coming loose on a front tooth (broke off parts of my front teeth in 2nd grade; running on cement = bad idea). So that means I had two, TWO, shots in the upper gums yesterday.  Ugh.
I spent most of the evening on the couch in my jammies feeling like my head had been hit with a hammer, so today I'm sharing cards made by those two darling children I just mentioned.  ;) 

Ben(8) designed his card with the race car, and then Aaron(5) followed Ben's lead. They were making Notecards to thank those who sponsored them in a fundraising walk at school. I had Ben write the message inside: 
I didn't have the heart to correct his spelling.  :} 

My boys love papercrafting just as much as I do! Plus, it's nice to do an activity together that doesn't involve ninjas.  ;) 
When you're ordering supplies, don't forget that your little ones might like something, too. If you're worried about spending too much on the "kid stash," check out my Online-Only Clearance Rack. Several new items were just added. 

Ok, I'm off to tackle this crazy day. Ben has a doctor's appointment out of town, so I'll be getting him from school in a little bit. And when I bring him back to school, I'm finally off to the Pumpkin Patch with Aaron's class. Yay for no rain today!! Aaron has been so upset with all the rain delays. Cross your fingers that I get some good pictures!  :} 

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