Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm still here...

Isn't it "funny" how every time you get really good plans into place, with all the details worked out, that something throws every plan out the window??? At least that what happens to me... a lot. I guess that's why I'm not much of a "planner."
Everything started out fine... I loaded up the mini-van and drove to Illinois. It was hot, and there was plenty of construction, but that's to be expected, so no biggie. My hubby and I were helping my brother and sister-in-law throw a party to celebrate my parents' 40th anniversary. While I watched the three kiddos, my hubby worked his magic on the mountain of kabobs, and my brother and sister-in-law prepared the most amazing and beautiful spread of food. My brother works in catering for Illinois State University, so he knows how to make all the pretty little extras and arrange everything so it looks sooooo fancy  :}
We even managed to get a "not too bad" family photo! I'm amazed that both of my boys were looking at the camera! I only wish I had asked one of the dozens of guests to take a photo of the whole family. I'll have to remember that for their 50th!  :}
I was planning on driving back home Monday, but my youngest son's asthma flared up, big time. As it was nearing bedtime, hubby and I decided we needed to head to the ER. The extra meds in the ER weren't working very quickly, so he was admitted. We ending up spending two nights in the hospital with him  :( 
Aaron is doing much better now. He's running around and playing with all his favorite toys. If you saw him today, you would never guess he had been in the hospital this week. Thank goodness kids bounce back so quickly!
So now I'm not only behind on all of my housework and home improvement plans, I'm behind on posting projects, too. I have lots of projects to share, so in between laundry, mopping, painting, etc. I'll be getting those photos ready to share with you. Thanks for sticking around!  :}

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